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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Urgent Prayer Josiah!

Dearest Josiah was sent to the institution today. Another family witnessed the transition and shared some insights. The caregivers and director have been wonderful. You can tell they care for the people. The director greets everyone in the morning by name with a handshake or hug. Our in-country family has seen these workers go above and beyond in their efforts for the children and families. Yet, this cannot change the reality that this is an institution to house people from ages 4-30. These children and young people are not offered any mental or emotional stimulation and this leads to a rapid decline into mental illness (or anguish,) that you see within the walls of the institution. The system is very broken and limited.

We must find Josiah a family and rise up to support this family, so that he is saved from this fast downward decline! This effort my friends will begin in prayer, dedicated prayer. It will also require other sorts of action. A Reece's Rainbow advocate, Mandy Kenimer, is working with her local organization Cenla Down Syndrome Association ( to unify fundraising efforts for Josiah. They have some great events coming up in Alexandria, Louisiana. If you are interested in these local efforts, please contact Mandy at During their organization's Zombie Walk, they will be hosting a program called "One Dollar for One Child"-- because everyone, even children, can give a dollar. Their hope is that their community will "adopt" Josiah, showing him and his family that entire cities have cared for him and wanted to bring him home!

Friends, let's join in this effort and show the world that many have cared for Josiah, and many will care for his "Family to Be". Click here to donate "One Dollar For One Child" or more if you can, and let's get Josiah home!

Let us not forget that our great work is prayer, and this is where all great actions begin. Pray with me...

Father, how our hearts break over Josiah and his need. Please Father we ask you to bring to him a family. Bring a family that is ready to quickly dig into the work of Josiah's rescue. Father we ask that you would bless the efforts being made on Josiah's behalf. Please Lord, stir the hearts of many people to donate and support Josiah and his Family to Be, aiding in his rescue. Father we ask that you are protecting Josiah in body, mind and spirit. Send someone to show him love and kindness every day. Lord we ask for things that seem impossible such as toys, or more caregivers to interact with all the residents of Josiah's institution. We ask for changes in systems so that everyone is kept stimulated, growing and moving ahead.  These things seem impossible to us, but nothing is impossible for you Lord. We thank you Lord for the mighty works we expect to see as you move your body to rescue Josiah. We ask all these things in your son's name. Amen.


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