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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Family Friday - 9/30/11

Hey Friends...well.... I'm changing up Family Fridays a bit. I am finding it difficult to keep straight the order of who is on the newly commited page. Sometimes things jump around. So instead today we are just going to do general prayers on friday for the new families. I highly encourage everyone to jump on over to the New Commitements page on Reece's Rainbow to read about the families there.

Lord today we lift up all the new families who have begun this journey of adoption. How exciting and unknown it is! We thank you Lord that you are the author of creation, the author of our lives. You know us all before we are even formed. You know this journey with all it's twists and turns for each of the newly commited families. We thank and praise you for raising them up. We pray that you will raise up your believers to meet every need, comfort every heartache or frustration and pour out your encouragement and love in overflowing abundance to these families. Thank Jesus that these families do not walk out this journey alone. We ask all these things in your son's name. Amen.


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