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Friday, 11 November 2011

Family Friday - Parker Family

I would like to introduce you to the Parker family. The Parker has committed to Helen. Helen has short bowel syndrome. This will likely affect the rest of her life. She needs her family quickly. Through God their adoption HAS been going VERY quickly. The Parker family can truly use your prayers and support while they try to bring Helen home as quick as they can. You can visit their blog at to follow along with their journey or visit their family sponsorship page to donate to their adoption at

Here is a little of what the Parker family had to say about their adoption:

We are Aaron, Molly, Reed and Lena Parker. Reed and Lena were adopted from Ukraine last winter. We were not planning to adopt again so soon, but we felt called to "Helen". If you'd like to read more of that story, please check out our blog. "Helen" has short bowel syndrome. SBS is a condition where half or more of the intestine is removed. "Helen" will probably need special nutrition for the rest of her life. A very generous family has donated approximately half of the money we need for the adoption. However, we still need to fundraise about $5000-$10000. This is in addition to the money that we have put into the adoption. This has been a very fast moving adoption... our first travel date is just two months after the date we committed! We appreciate your prayers and any financial support you can offer.

Dear Lord, I would like to raise the Parker family up in prayer, that they have the necessary funds as they are needed for their adoption. We all know the power of prayer and how through You all things are possible. I would like to pray for Helen that she is kept in good health while her family works hard to bring her home. Let Helen know that she is loved and that her family is coming soon for her. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.


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