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Friday, 2 December 2011

Family Friday - Wiehl Family

I would like to introduce you to the Wiehl family this friday. The Wiehl family has chosen a slightly different path than other Reece's Rainbow families that I have featured on this blog in the past. They have chosen to accept a blind referral. The Wiehl are unsure of what child is waiting for them but feel confident enough in their faith to allow God to blindly lead them down their path. Below is a little about Michael, Kathy, and their family.

Michael and Kathy were married in 2000 and live in central Alabama. They began their lives together as an unconventional family. Kathy had a 4-1/2 year old daughter, Kayla (now 17) when they first met. A year and a half later, Michael had a six-year-old step-daughter. They were blessed with three more children, Madelyn (8), Nicholas (6) and Benjamin (3). Both Michael and Kathy felt their family was complete after the birth of their son Benjamin, but God’s plans for them proved to be to the contrary. After witnessing close friends of theirs adopt two beautiful children from Ukraine through Reece’s Rainbow in 2011, both Michael and Kathy were inspired. Inspired, but in no way sold on the idea that adoption was in their future. They were more in awe and admiration at the strength, love and faith of their friends. Both Michael and Kathy have been readers and supporters of Reece’s Rainbow for well over a year and had often wondered how anyone could look at all of those precious children in need and somehow pick ONE. And then it happened. They both feel incredibly blessed not just to have such clarity of purpose, but to have both found their relationship with Christ strengthened in a way they never before knew to be possible.

Michael and Kathy invite you to follow their adoption journey on their blog and to check out their new fundraiser for a Kindle. Wouldn't that make a wonderful Christmas gift for someone in your family?

Dear Lord, I lift up the Wiehl family to you. I pray that they trust in Your plan and know that everything will happen as it should in Your time. I pray that they are encouraged and supported by their friends and family throughout their journey. We know that You have the perfect child picked out for this family. We pray this in Jesus' name, Amen.


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