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Monday, 21 May 2012

A scary profile?

This little girl is Haven. 

Her profile might scare off some people. She seems to have a host of medical challenges. But when they all are broken down to what they really are, they are all quite manageable.

This is her profile, with my notes added in red:

Girl, Born March 2006( This makes her six years old.)

 Poor Haven……sweet little girl.   Such a pretty girl burdened with such medical and cognitive difficulties….and no mama to love her through them.

From her medical records: 

celiac disease, 
My bio son has coeliac disease and it is so very manageable. I always use to say that if you have to have a chronic disease, pick coeliac. It is completely treated with a glutenfree diet, and my son is one of the most healthy kids I know of. He was really sick before we found out about his diagnoses though. It didn't take us long to get used to the diet, and know it is an issue we seldom think about. If anything, his diagnosis makes us a little more conscious and healthy in choosing food.

About her CP diagnosis, it makes me very hopeful that she is standing upright in her photo. This means that she most propbably doesn't have the more severe forms of CP

 toxic Hepatitis, 

Toxic hepatitis is an inflammation of your liver in reaction to certain substances to which you're exposed. Toxic hepatitis can be caused by alcohol, chemicals, drugs or supplements. 
In some cases, toxic hepatitis develops within hours or days of exposure to a toxin. In other cases, it may take months of regular use before signs and symptoms of toxic hepatitis appear. 
The symptoms of toxic hepatitis often go away when exposure to the toxin stops. But toxic hepatitis can permanently damage your liver, leading to irreversible scarring of liver tissue (cirrhosis) and in some cases to liver failure.

This can be controlled and medicated at home.

hypotrophy of III stage
The clinical signs of hypotrophy are the decrease of subcutaneous fat on abdomen (at the 1st stage), on extremities (at the 2nd stage), on the face (at the 3rd stage). At the 3rd stage of hypotrophy, the child's face looks like the face of Old man ("Volter's face"). Besides this, the decrease of skin elasticity, turgur and body length, delay of neuropsychological development and weakness of immune system take place. Most children coming home from orphanages have some degree of this, but it is treated with getting enough and healthy food.

From our team who visited there: Haven is afraid of strangers and would not interact with us.
This is what made me notice Haven among all the children needing families. Her scared expression.  I hope she finds a family before she has to be transferred to an institution where everyone are strangers to her. Where she doesn't know anybody. How scared will that make her?

So please help Haven find a family. If you are not them, then spread the word about her, use facebook, twitter, yahoogroups, talk to people about her. Haven needs a safe and loving environment. She needs a chance to feel safe.


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